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Nebraska Angus Producer of the Year

2019 winners will be announced at 2019 Annual Meeting, date to be announced.

Nominee for the 2019 Nebraska Angus Producer of the Year

Please use this form when submitting nomination for the 2019 NAPOTY. (Deadline: October 31, 2019 - No late applications will be accepted)

Download the NAPOTY application

NAPOTY Selection Criteria

The purpose of this award is to select the Producer who has contributed the most to the advancement of the Angus business and his/her community; to recognize that Producer for effort and work expended in the interest of his/her breed: to demonstrate to the public the place of the Producer in community: and to call attention to the qualifications of these Producers for positions of leadership in the breed and its organizations. It is not a requirement that nominees must have served as State Association President.

Each Angus producer in the state of Nebraska is invited to submit the name of one nominee, accompanied by written information and documentation setting out the reasons for the nomination.

Suggested standards for nominations may be based on the following guidelines, which are not mandatory, but help give directions in choosing a nominee.

  1. Angus Spirit (25%) high principles of integrity, adherence to the Golden Rule, good ethics among other breeders and the public
  2. Civic Activity (15%) local, state, national level participation in civic service clubs, charitable activities, political work, fraternal and religious groups.
  3. Business Accomplishments (20%) recognize good business conduct, service to buyers and sellers of the breed animals, advertising programs used, creative selling techniques.
  4. Local Area Activity (15%) Board offices and committee work, special assignments, educational work.
  5. State Association Activity (20%) offices held and committee work, attendance and exhibiting at the State shows, director meetings, shows attended.
  6. National Association Activity (5%) national offices held, committee work, attendance at Annual meeting, Regions shows, etc.

Completed Application should include:

  1. This completed form
  2. Professional resume of nominee
  3. Two letters of recommendation from the community, fellow producers
  4. Color or black & white photo of the nominee and his/her operation (snapshots are fine)
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