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Nebraska Pioneer Award Winners

Winner(s) will be announced December 5, 2015 in Kearney, NE.

2006 Recipients

Vern and Zeola Domeier • Verola Angus
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Lux

Eli and Betty Votaw
Max and Gladys Hoffmeister

2007 Recipients

Lew and Virginia Laflin
Charles and Barbara Marcy

Bart and Dianne Trout
Ray and Velda Coffey • Velray Angus

2008 Recipients

Leo and Elinor Sukup • Sukup Angus
Melvin and Jenny Slagle • Slagle Angus

Roger and Violet Pedersen • Sunny View Angus
Otto Uhrig • Uhrig Ranch

2009 Recipients

Jim Baldridge • posthumously
Luwane and Avalon Nelson • Hilltop Bernsaka
William and Dee Sitz • 3 6 Angus Ranch

2010 Recipients

Pete Becker • Pete Becker, Inc.
Jim and Twyla Johnson • Frontier Angus Farms
Dick and Marcia Nelson • Twin Mills Angus
Joan and Rich Peterson • Windmill Angus

2011 Recipients

Lee Sonderup Family
T.L. Sterner
Uden Family

2012 Recipients

Fred & Theresa Kraye
Tim & Judy Stiefel

2013 Recipient

Otha Lovitt Family


2014 Recipients

Hall Ranch
Glause Family

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