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Let Us Help You Advertise with the Nebraska Angus News
Very reasonable advertising rate with a circulation to more than 5,600 cattlemen and businesses!

Size NAA Member Non-Member
Full page $375 $550
2/3 Page $300 $440
1/2 Page $250 $360
1/3 Page $190 $275
1/4 Page $160 $220
1/8 Page $90 $125

Discounts available for contracting advertising in 4 consecutive issues!

Color Rates - $55 per color up to three colors on full page and 2/3 page ads - total cost on three additional colors is $165. For 1/2 page ads or smaller, the cost is $30 per color up to three colors Business card ads will remain the same, $60/issue or $180/4 issues - color can be added to these card ads for no additional cost.

Advertising Deadlines:
January/February issue December 1
March/April issue February 1
August/September issue July 1
Holiday issue October 15


For more information contact:
Margo Lehn
PO Box 245
Long Pine, NE 69217-0245

Ad Building Information

Trim - the actual ad size when viewed in the magazine
Live Area - .25" margin around the inside of the ad
Bleed - .125" around the outside of the ad

Whole Page Ad
•   Live: 8" x 10.5"
•   Trim: 8.5" x 11"
•   Bleed: 9" x 11.5"

2/3 Page Ad
•   Live: 4.75" x 7.625"
•   Trim: 5.25" x 8.125"

1/2 Page Ad
•   Live: 8" x 5"
•   Trim: 8.5" x 5.5"
•   Bleed: 9" x 6"

1/4 Page Ad
•   Live: 3.6875" x 1.875"

Business Card Ad (1/8 page)
•   Live: 3.6875" x 1.875"

Nebraska Angus Directory

Sizes: Rates:
Full page $250
1/2 page $150

(Rates are for black & white ad)

Full Page Color Price: $50/color up to 3 colors, a full page/full color ad will cost a total of $400
Half Page Color Price: $30/color up to 3 colors, a half page/full color ad will cost a total of $240

For more information call Margo Lehn at 402-760-0386 or click here.

Send all ad copy to:
Jessamyn Voss
Cell: 308-430-2999

As a service to our membership you will be listed in our online membership list at NO CHARGE. We will also be providing other Web advertising opportunities. Does Web advertising work? Sure it does … in the first few weeks our site was up we had several "hits" and a request from Brazil.

Link from your listing to your website $25
Banner ad on the Home Page $250
Banner ad on any page except the Home Page $200
Mini pop-up ad (any page except home page) $250
Link to online sale catalog (if prepared by the Angus Journal) $75

***Ad rates are per month. Ads will run from the 1st to the 1st or the 15th to the 15th. The Angus Journal Web Marketing Department will build the ads and the Nebraska Angus Association will handle all billings. Deadline for ad copy is two weeks prior to the run date. Call Margo Lehn at 402-760-0386 or click here.

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Nebraska Angus

Margo Lehn
PO Box 245
Long Pine, NE 69217